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Does Self Hosted Software Really Solve My Security Issues?

There are several reasons as to why you should use self-hosted software such as self-hosted project management software. One of the commonest claims that you hear going around is that hosted solutions sell well because they can significantly improve the security levels of a software. In the hosted solutions the clients can determine all the […]

Why is it Important to Scan Source Code?

Scanning source code is quickly becoming a necessity. Companies are increasingly needing reassurance that any software applications they use are free from issues that could potentially turn around and bite them. Making sure source code is free from bugs is more important than ever before. Why is source code scanned? The source code in software […]

What Is Hyper-Convergence?

Information technology and evolving systems from around the world progress as each year passes and will inevitably continue to grow.  The creation of software programs, networking, storage, and so forth is taken very seriously in esteems of a type of defense that can only bid out the utmost fundamentals of competence.  Today, we are going […]

victim of social security identity theft

Important Facts about Social Security Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America today and Social Security fraud is the fastest growing sector of identity fraud. This type of crime is also one of the most tragic because it usually targets those who are already vulnerable. A victim’s whole life can be uprooted and destroyed in the […]

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