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HDR Efex Pro

How Does Aurora HDR 2018 Work?

The difference between using Aurora HDR as a plugin or standalone app is how the initial bracketed exposures come in the software and where they get saved after you are done. This write-up will help you with the standalone program and your first job after the launch is finding the series of bracketed exposures you […]

Essential Online Tools You Should Be Using

How do I get things done easier by using online tools? Where do I find good websites to help me? If these are the things that had been lingering on your mind for a while, then say no more. Here, we list you the best online tools to know. It will lessen the burdens that […]

Top Tips For Finding The Best Quality Gaming Headset

Wanted to buy the best gaming headset? You have to do some meticulous homework so that your purchase becomes a wise one and you get the return of your purchase investment. But do you know how to bell the cat of wise purchase? We have half-done the job for you by adding a checklist here, […]

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