Author: Chris

Everything you need to know about the Sync Mate

Have you ever been tired of not being able to transfer data between two devices just because they process on different systems? Yes, we all have at one point in time. Android and Mac have had these problems for a while now till some applications made it easy to transfer files and sync the data […]

Benefits and Uses of Blue Transition Blocker Glasses

Exposure to both natural and artificial light is one of largest overlooked health risks in the world today. Although the morning light should signal that it’s time to wake up and the evening darkness that it’s time to sleep, this is rarely the case. Most people in developed countries rarely go to sleep when the […]

Beginner’s guide to Baidu SEO

Search engines are very much popular nowadays and whenever we want to know about something we just type it into the search engine.  One of the popular search engines is the Google, but it is mostly used in the Western market, but when you are in China, you have to use another search engine which […]

Why does someone need erasure software on a computer?

Our computers are abused in every way possible. They are filled with data that we do not even keep track of. But we often find something that is hindering the best performance of the computer and then realizes it to be an unwanted file. So we try to uninstall it and think it to be […]

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