Month: February 2018

Kubernetes Cloud Computing

Kubernetes Cloud Computing

Kubernetes, sometimes called K8s, is a deployment platform for management, deployment and scaling containerized applications. Think of computer containers as a sort of information box into which you put your related software so that your programs can talk to each other and exchange information without having to go outside the box. While thinking outside the […]

The importance of IT in a business

Innovation adds market share to your business. It is seen that the company which spends on changes and latest technology moves forward in the market. Information technology helps you with its analysis so that you can plan your business how you want it to run tomorrow, and the day after, the next year and ten […]

How to choose a new cell phone

Cell phones are one of the most popular items currently, it is rare to see a person who does not have one, and do everything with your phone. Cell phones have several functions, some even call the newer models of pocket computers, since it is possible to do everything with them. However, not everyone knows […]

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